Course Description

The Christian Life Education Program begins with the formal study of the first part of the Bible, the Old Testament. Through the exploration of the Salvation History of the chosen people in the Old Testament, the students are led to recognize the steadfast presence of God in the lives of His people. The first year program aims to develop among our students the constant acknowledgment of God's accompanying presence, not only in the past, but most in their everyday lives.

Slowly, and in the gradual manner, the students will then be encouraged to a broader understanding of who God is. This is done through the discussion of the fulfillment of the promise of salvation in the very person and life of Jesus Christ found in the gospel narrative in the New Testament. Here, the focus is on the deepening of the personal relationship of the students with Christ, the incarnated love of God the Father. The Beatitudes and the gospel teaching of Jesus' ministry are highlighted, so as to convey to the students the adamant call to imitate Jesus, the model of unconditional love, faithfulness, compassion and humble service to mankind, especially to the needy.

Eventually, the life of Jesus and His concrete example of an authentic Christian living are further enlivened in the discussion of morality issues evident in the real life situation of the Christian community, and the society in general. The CLE Program wraps up the Christian teachings of the first to third year levels with the challenge of Social transformation through adherence to the various official Social teaching of the Catholic Church in the fourth year level. The students will now be strongly influence to address real-life problems and dilemmas with the use of Christian norms and morality as modeled by Christ and his disciples.

Thus, at the end of the four-year CLE program, we envisioned a Christ centered Ateneo graduate who reflects the Jesuit charism of being men and women for others, who will actively serve as catalysts for authentic social transformation and will live life with a Christian perspective. The CLE Curriculum hopes to imbibe to our students the Christian as inspired by Jesus teachings, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and sustained by the Father's love and providence.
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