Course Description

The Physical Education, Health and Music Program is designed for secondary students as a means of understanding varied phases of human existence in more than practical sense. Hence, this course carries variety of activities, new ideas and updated information planned, organized, and developed faithfully for an interesting and balanced PEHM Program. Every component of PEHM is divided into units of lessons to emphasize their salient topics.

Physical Education tackles every essential aspect concerning physical activities. It helps nurture the students' knowledge and skills in physical development, sports, dance, First Aid, and other related activities.

Health Education takes into consideration one of the most important aspects of high school life--personal and social health. It answers the needs of the students in the attainment of knowledge, principle, attitude and health development towards a healthy, beneficial, responsible, and meaningful living. Health Education offers Health appraisal and Personal and Community Health, Safety Education and First Aid, Drug Education, Proper Garbage Disposal, and Population Education.


Music Education discusses and presents the concepts and elements of music. It helps the students to familiarize with different kinds of music and musical instruments and, in the process, make them appreciate music more. One appreciation may be in the form of song composition and the like.

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