Course Description

The High School Math Program is designed to maximize the acquisition of both skills and concepts that the students must have upon finishing their high school. Four dimensions of understanding are emphasized in the high school mathematics: (1) skill in carrying out various algorithms; (2) developing and using mathematics properties and relationships; (3) applying mathematics in realistic situations; and (4) representing or picturing mathematical concepts.

The high school mathematics thoroughly integrates and makes connections to other areas of mathematics (vertically articulated). Furthermore, it makes connections to other disciplines (e.g. language, science) and to the real world. The following are the Math courses offered in the high school: First year – Algebra; Second year – Geometry; Third year – Advanced Algebra; and Fourth year – Functions, Statistics and Trigonometry.

By Year Level Description

The first year mathematics is Algebra. The students are introduced to the language of Algebra and its uses.

The second year mathematics is Geometry. The students are introduced to making conjectures and proofs; applying definitions, postulates, and theorems in proving statements; draw, construct, and transform geometric figures.

The third year mathematics is Advanced Algebra. The students are engaged to a deeper understanding and application of concepts in Algebra.

The fourth year mathematics is Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry. The students are lead to integrate statistical, algebraic, and trigonometric concepts through its work with functions. They will also be introduced to combinatorics and probability.

Honor’s Classes

The Honor’s Classes will have additional competencies. They are as follows: Analytic Geometry (Second Year), Trigonometry (Third Year), and Calculus (Fourth Year).
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