Awitan at Sayawan 2011

March 11, 2011

  Unang Yugto    
  Pambungad na Panalangin .....................................

Amber Trizia Serras
II. Mt. Taal
at mga piling miyembre ng Munting Alagad ni Kristo
  Pambansang Awit .....................................

Young Historian's Club Members
Ateneo Grade School Rondalla
Patricia Pancho - IV Palanan
  Pambungad na Pananalita .....................................

Gng. Alice M. Tiu
Asst. Headmaster for Student Affairs
  Pambungad na Presentasyon .....................................

Mga piling mag-aaral ng Ikaanim at Ikalimang Baitang, Dance Club members
  Mga Awit    
  Leron, Leron Sinta at Ang Pipit .....................................

Unang Baitang
  Magtanim ay Di Biro, Paruparong Bukid, Sitsiritsit .....................................

Ikaapat na Baitang
  Mga Awiting Kundiman .....................................

Ikalima at Ikaanim na Baitang
  Intermisyon .....................................

Ateneo Grade School Rondalla
  Mga Awit    
  Mamang Sorbetero .....................................

Ikalawang Baitang
  Isang Mundo, Isang Awit .....................................

Ikatlong Baitang
  Balitaw Medley .....................................

Ikaanim na Baitang
  Ikalawang Yugto    
  Sayaw .....................................

Mga Guro sa Unang Baitang
Mga Guro sa Ikalawang Baitang
Mga Guro sa Ikaapat na Baitang
  Pangwakas na Pananalita .....................................

Gng. Annerose V. Villarba
Makabayan - Subject Aread Head
  Blue Knight Song .....................................

Glennthz C. Mina
V - del Pilar
  Mga Punong-abala:

Paul Adrian Sabino - VI - Brebeuf
Mia Adlawan - VI - Regis
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Convocation: Naming Ceremony of Martinez Sports Center

On March 11, 2011, the Ateneo de Davao Grade school and High school communities gathered together for the naming ceremony of the Matina Sports Complex as Martinez Sports Center. The Martinez Sports Center is named in honor of Fr. Edmundo M. Martinez, President of Ateneo de Davao University (June 1993-November 2004). He was the one who planned and built the Sports Complex along with the new Grade School and High School buildings.

Fr. Bienvenido F. Nebres (AdMU president) and Fr. Antonio S. Samson (AdDU president), both from the Society of Jesus, gave special messages in the ceremony. Some members of the Jesuit community, administrators from the Jacinto campus, former AdDU administrators, friends, former classmates, and relatives of Fr. Martinez also graced the event. Fr. Martinez is indeed very happy and thankful for the honor and for all the people who graced the ceremony. << gallery >>

Medical Mission and Feeding Program

The Social Action Club, in partnership with the Ateneo Grade School Community Association (AGSCA), spearheaded a "MEDICAL MISSION and FEEDING PROGRAM" last February 5, 2011 at Sirawan Beach Elementary School, Sirawan, Toril, Davao City. During this half-day activity, they were able to give free medical services, medicines, slippers and food to about 400 pupils and 50 adults. The activity was also participated in by our parent doctors, nurses, faculty, parent volunteers, Student Council and AdDU College of Nursing. << gallery >>

By: Janice Yap

"See you tomorrow teachers, 12noon, Gate 1..." These were our final remarks - the teacher volunteers, last February 3, 2011 during the orientation meeting. They all dispersed bringing with them their pre-trip information sheets. Smile and excitement filled my restless heart. I told myself, at last, after three postponements, the exposure program is going to happen. Then came February 5 blessings were just outpouring. All volunteers came on time, there was a perfect weather and safe trip to the Center for Malnourished Children plus, free tinolang native chicken from the Dominican sisters. After a brief orientation, teachers were then distributed to different quarters and they began spreading malong on the sheets of plywood where they slept. Some others slept in the kitchen, some others with the malnourished children. While some teachers in the classroom were very busy preparing goodies, audio-visual presentations and food for the kids, others were also engaged in cuddling, caressing and hugging the little kids. Morning came and the kids, teachers and the sisters got groovy with the physical exercise under the early morning sun. All places in the Center were filled with busy people at work. There were teachers giving kids a refreshing bath, there were teachers blowing the firewood to cook bacon and eggs. There were teachers setting up LCD projectors and laptops. There were teachers wearing crayon costumes. And wholla' ..all is set. Everyone gathered then for the Eucharistic celebration with Fr. Mike Pineda, S.J. This opened the main events of the program a seminar-workshop with the parents entitled "Early Childhood Development and Proper Nutrition", and a LEARN and PLAY session with the children. It was indeed one fun, animated and rich experience for the teachers, parents and kids. Here are some borrowed words from the teacher-volunteers...

  • cuddling the kids and taking care of them were very fulfilling, It feels like feeling in the absence of the parents.
  • "I will always be rendering service to others.
  • "I hope we'll have more programs like this where I will be able to help other people.
  • "many are called, but few are chosen.. I am fortunate to be given the chance to be with the malnourished children.
From the Campus Ministry Office, thank you very much to all the teacher volunteers.

  Committee Teachers  
  Food Arlene Golloso
Shielah Mae Suelto
Lea Marie Caloma
Liza Lao
Avel Villanueva
Cherry Labarda
  Foster Mothers/Fathers Kerenza Isabel Lee
Stephen Joy Dapiton
Rosalinda Wyatt
Lorina Payac
Khristine Rufo
Maria Teresa Batobalonos
*Fenika May Dapiton
*Non-Ateneo volunteer
Vivina Villamor
Jemmalyn Andrino
Ronel Golloso
Neil Gallarion
Ruben Garsuta
Ruben Mondejar
*Anne Mae Manga
  Facilitators Francia Maravilla
Rommellie Emily Marasigan
Charity Licong
Emely Macavinta
Janice Yap

You are indeed the salt of the earth, a lamp placed on a table top. << gallery >>

Information Techonology Week 2011

Ateneo de Davao Grade School celebrated its Information Technology Week on January 10-14, 2011 with a theme "Technology and Beyond: Children of the 21st Century". The exhibit which showcased the best works of the pupils in their respective I.T. classes (Gr. I-VI) and Computer Clubs (Gr. II-VI) was opened on January 12 at the Grade School Colonnade. << gallery >>


January 6         -  Digital Art Contest using Paint.Net (Grade I)
January 7         -  Digital Art Contest using Paint.Net (Grade II)
January 10-14  -  I.T. Quiz Bowl (by group) during I.T. classes (Gr. I-III & V)
                       -  I.T. Spelling Challenge - Elimination Round during I.T. classes - (Grade IV)
January 14       -   Digital Story Making Contest (Gr. V-VI)
January 15       -   I.T. Spelling Challenge - Final Round (Grade IV)
                       -  "Blogging 101: A Guide to Responsible Read/Write (Web 2.0)" (Grade VI)
                           Talk by Maria A. Jose, Professional Blogger

Digital Art Contest Using Paint.Net Winners
Grade 1 1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Henri V. To
Denise Angela R. Diamante
Joshann Marie D. Albisa
Grade 2 1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Kyriene G. Escosora
Krishna Marie S. Elaurza
Mike Russel A. Gargar
Mt. Diwata
Mt. Makiling
Mt. Apo
I.T. Spelling Challenge Winners
Grade 4 1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Ranelle Kyle I. Solis
Edsmien Shane V. Polinar
Elaine Edna R. Visitacion
Digital Story Making Contest Winners
Grade 5 1st Place Jose Tobias Raphael C. Dalisay
Abdullah Hussein M. Paglas

The First Holy Communion 2010
By: Jacky-Lou T. Maestre

Last December 5, 2010, the grade two pupils, with praise and thanksgiving, celebrated a very special and meaningful event in their lives. For the first time, they experienced the feel and taste of Christ through the Eucharist. The First Communicants were with their parents during the processional and the receiving of communion.

The mass was presided by Fr. Antonio S. Samson, the University President; assisted by Fr. Oscar A. Millar, grade school chaplain; Fr. Daniel McNamara, Rector of Davao Jesuit Community; Fr. Renato Ocampo, chaplain of Ateneo de Davao College Unit and Director of Alumni Affairs; Fr. Michael Pineda, high school chaplain and Fr. Renato Puentevella, former grade school chaplain, all from the Society of Jesus.

The first communicants really prepared for this big event. They prepared themselves in welcoming Jesus in their hearts. They had a day of prayer and confession as well. Days before the special day, they have practiced the songs and the mass responses very well. Indeed, it was a solemn and an orderly First Holy Communion with the help of the parents, the grade two teachers, headed by Mrs. Dina Go Biao, the grade two level head and the Campus Ministry Staff headed by Mrs. Liza Lao.

Congratulations to all most especially to the first communicants! We hope that you'll continue to follow Jesus' teachings at all times.<< gallery >>

Science Month Celebration 2010

Theme: "Protecting Biodiversity through Science and Technology."

September is a Science Month pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 28. The different grade levels conducted activities for the month-long celebration.

Grade III   Grade V
- Slogan Writing   - Slogan Writing
- Poster Making   - Essay Writing
- Science Trivia   - Symposium: Talk on the Body Systems
Grade IV   Grade VI
- Slogan Writing   - Essay Writing
- Science Quiz    
- Poster Making   Grades I-VI
- Essay Writing   - MAD Science Show
- Theme for Essay Writing: "Role of Science in National Development"
- Davao City Water District  
- AdDU HS Science Investigatory Projects

Buwan ng Wika 2010

Tema: "Sa Pangangalaga sa Wika at Kalikasan, Wagas na Pagmamahal Talagang Kailangan"

Ilan sa mga gawaing pinaghandaan:
     - Book Fair
     - Piso Para sa Kalikasan
     - Poster Making (Baitang IV)

Pangwakas na Programa:
     - Pagkaing Pinoy
     - Salaysayan/Pagkukuwento (Baitang I-III)
     - Paglalahad ng Kuwento sa Baitang I-III (Baitang VI)
     - Takbo Para sa Wika at Kalikasan(Baitang IV-V)
     - Simposyum: "Sa pangangalaga sa wika at kalikasan, wagas na pagmamahal talagang kailangan" (Baitang IV-V)
     - Museyong Pambata Alay sa Kalikasan (Baitang IV-V)
     - Sayawitan (Baitang IV)
     << gallery >>

Student Council 2010-2011

A leader leads... a GOOD leader is one who leads through service. This phrase probably best describes what most of the candidates in the recently concluded 2010-2011 Student Council elections, said in the speech they shared to the rest of the student body last July 21, 2010.

This year's moderators Ms. Rhea Geraldo, Mrs. Arlene Golloso, Mrs. Coleen Licong and Ms. Lilian Remolino started the preparation for the 2010-2011 student council election, as early as the third week of June 2010. Ms. Geraldo together with Mrs. Golloso conducted the screening and interview of the aspiring candidates July 10 of this school year and from more than 70 candidates it was trimmed down to less than 50 students. The qualified candidates were chosen taking into their consideration their academic, social and moral standing in the grade school. For this year's election the party system was not observed, to challenge the student body to really choose their leaders base on qualifications and not just by popularity nor party affiliations.

After the screening the candidates had approximately 2 weeks to launch their campaign before they were judged in the elections. Mrs. Alice Tiu Assistant Headmaster for Student Affairs, the moderators, together with the teachers who helped take charge of the COMELEC facilitated the July 23 elections. Out of the many hopefuls the following were chosen to lead this year's student council:
Anna Sofia Serrano
Vice Governor
Francis Elisha Divinagracia
Katrina Christine Yu
Assistant Secretary
Angela Bea Dongon
Benjamin Acosta
Assistant Treasurer
Thea Selina Pilay
Angeline Kaye De Vera
Assistant Auditor
Sophia Foronda
Katherine Mae Ronquillo
Assistant P.R.O.
Anri Uy
Business Manager
Carlos Gabriel Aquino
Assistant Business Manager
Piolo Ysidore Serrano
Grade Four Representatives
Bianca Marie Ferrel
Mika Sophia Gonzaga
Reggie Raye Jaleco
Cassie Ann Normita Valencia
Grade Five Representatives
Harriet Sheen Gallentes
Athena Marasigan
Elaine Faye Mataganas
Raphael Luis Salise
Grade Six Representatives
Louise Danielle Alamazar
Katrina Patricia Dillera
Pia Marielle Marañon
Guia Opeña

The oath taking of this year's set of officers is scheduled on August 12, 2010. It is the hope of the group all the members really work hard to make this school year a more active year for the council and the rest of the student body.
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Holy Spirit Mass

University president, Fr. Antonio S.Samson S.J. celebrated the Holy Spirit mass to usher in the new school year last June 18, 2010 at the Matina Campus Sports Complex. He was joined by Fr. Oscar A. Millar S.J. in the celebration.

The presider, dedicated the mass for our guidance for the whole school year. The whole community gathered to ask the Holy Spirit, the spirit of truth, to come into each of us like fire and ignite in us the fire to be kind, obedient, to love our parents and to do our best in everything.

This is the grace that we ask for at the start of this school year and may this also be our goal as we embark in this journey as one community in the grade school. << gallery >>

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