Nurturing children's hearts and minds with the best books, film and digital information.

To carry out its responsibility as stimulating force for the spiritual, moral and intellectual growth of the school community and to assume the role of providing not only information but also training that will help form students into responsible, well-rounded "men and women for others", the Grade School Instructional Media Center (IMC) strives to meet the needs of the students and faculty by providing books, learning materials, programs and services for academic, personal and individual enrichment.



The Grade School Instructional Media Center (IMC) is the information resource center of the Ateneo de Davao University Grade School Unit, Matina Campus. As a center for instructional media, it is composed of the library (print materials) and audio-visual (non-print materials). It houses a collection of materials specifically for children. With more than 40,000 books and magazines plus a large and growing collection of audio-visual materials, including music CDs, CD-ROMs and DVDs, it is a rich resource.

The collection has major strengths in picture books, Filipiniana books, classics for children, and a large collection of folk and fairy tales. A good number of magazines for children and young adults are subscribed and are circulated for home reading. Its large non-fiction collection supports children's personal interests as well as most of their curricular needs.

Books, references and professional journals for the personal and professional growth of teachers are also included in the collection . To meet the information and special needs of the entire community, the Grade School Unit provides a separate Instructional Media Center (IMC) for the preschool and the grade school pupils. The Preschool IMC is situated at the ground floor of the Preschool Atrium; while, the Grade School IMC is located at the second floor (Library) and third floor (Audio- Visual) of the Grade School Annex.



"The library program strives to be an integral part of the school in which it is housed. The IMC strives first of all to support and enrich the school curriculum, and provide materials that will broaden the horizons and backgrounds of the students in order that they will better understand themselves and the world around them."

Training programs for students include library sessions at the start of the school year; and, formal and informal library instructions. Sessions on the objectives, policies and services of the IMC are also conducted to newly-hired faculty members. The "media shoppe" conducted at the beginning of the school year expose the faculty to the different multi-sensory teaching materials in the Audio-Visual Center.



- Borrowing of books, magazines and non-print materials for home reading and classroom use.
- Reference research
- Acquisitions list
- Library visits and guided research
- Viewing of lesson-related materials
- Indexing
- News blitz
- Current awareness/Hot Topics
- Bulletin Board displays
- Storytelling
- Documentation
- Exhibits


- Read-a-thon

Read-a-thon is a reading enrichment activity of the English class conducted in close coordination with the Grade School Library. It aims to encourage children to read and to develop the appreciation of children's literature.

- CD-ROM Library or "Cybernook"

Six (6) OPAC stations and nine (9) computer hardware where CD-ROMs of varied subjects are situated in this Cybernook. Eight(8) workstations are distributed in thedifferent sections in the library.

Computer laboratories that can accommodate three (3) classes are situated adjacent to the library. Internet-mediated research by class gives the students the opportunity to explore and to discover the latest on certain topics.

- On-line Databases

On-line databases like PROQUEST {}, ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA ONLINE {} and CIPPA (Computerized Index to Philippine Periodicals Articles) {} can be accessed anywhere in the Ateneo de Davao University campuses where there are Internet connections.

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