The work of the grade school is to "lay solid foundations" and equip the students with basic tools of knowledge, understanding, skills, habits, attitudes, and values which are immediately needed for secondary schooling and eventually for higher level of formal education as well as for lifelong use. Specifically, the school seeks to develop in the students:

  • Fundamental skills of literacy and numeration
  • Character formation, appreciation of beauty, physical and mental health, a scientific outlook and correct attitude towards work and personal effort
  • Independent study and work habits and the wise use of leisure time
  • A distinct personality aware of his triple relationship with himself, his fellowmen and God.

  • Integration of Christian, Filipino and other moral and social values in all activities
  • Sacramental, Liturgical and Paraliturgical celebrations; First Holy Communion; Confessions; Class Masses
  • Retreats and Recollections
  • Immersion, Exposure Trips and Outreach Programs; Christmas Package Drive
  2008 Ateneo de Davao Grade School, Acacia St., Matina, Davao City, Philippines, Tel. No.(082) 299-2405, Fax No.(082) 296-0724